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Thumbs up Live Feed Updates *MUST READ*

Thank you to those of you who have ALWAYS donated and showed your support to me and to the forum!

This season will be a bit different since I am still on the mend from major back surgery. So please forgive me as I work through the obstacles. And after just 2 days there have been way more obstacles than I am physically ready to handle 100%.

I Won't get into major details but between recovery, medication and having an EAST COAST schedule/routine it will take me some time till I get a new routine for updating.

Please do not give up on me trying to keep you all up to date.😢 I Will be taking breaks and sometimes departe early for the evening.

Please make sure to check for any critical information that I may have missed from over night.

Also make sure to check the FLASHBACK thread for dates/times for the more explosive stuff! at the minimum when I know of ir or hear of it I will try and keep that aas current as I can.

Thank you all so very much! ❤
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