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Default Re: Aired Show Wednesday Special Eviction 9/19/18

JC talking to orwell

kaycee; it's not easy seeing sam and jc on the block main mission is level 6 at the end and we have to make big moves

angela; why is he doing that i want to just hug him

JC to tyler: it's hard to see you with them. i feel out on a limb. yeah i have you but you know you have angeal.. and sam doesn't count. i need to remind you that im your friend and not your pawn

JC DR i can get in tyler's head. if i win the veto or sam. i dont want you to go up.. i want her to put up kaycee.. if kaycee wins hoh it's you and me on the block.. she has no choice if we win veto.. what happened last week cant happen

tyler: JC has been bothering me about putting him up and all its doing is making me think about sending JC home
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