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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Double Eviction Day 9/7/17

josh when alex won HOh i thought me and you were going up

xmas yeah

xmas it worked out..

josh we cant lose..

xmas we cant..

josh what did i say? i blacked out

Xmas you were saying taht you were alone and that you were a misfits.. and im like eeeek team misfits

xmas i know today sucked.. and im nt in the moment kinda girl.. and in 2 days i'll be a wreck.. i ahve delayed reactions.. i seem like a stone cold bitch at the moment

josh if it wasnt for you.. and the only think from voting jason out was you putting him up.. and he would go after you.. and so would alex

xmas he's been coming after me and you for a long time. alex told me

josh kevin was busy all week

xmas jason voted me out and he didnt see me as anything.. he only ahd convo with me cuz he saw it.
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