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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/25/17

Kevin im having a great time.. i got to meet you .. it is what it is.. you keep going down. the numbers get lower..

xmas im shocked im here

kevin for me to be here at my age.. there is a generation gap. they talk about things that i wouldnt talk aobut.. it's the same with my kids.. but oh no .. im having a great time.. the only thing bothers me is things that keep getting talked about so i get up and walk away to my room.. cus there is nothing more to be added to that conversation

kevin we'll ahve some lemonade tonight

xmas when i talk to raven i say that at times i was very loud at that age..

kevin you and josh got close.. you took him under your wing

xmas he bounces around and doesnt think about what comes out of his mouth

kevin hugs xmas dont worry about things here whatever it is

xmas yeah
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