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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/21/17

Dillon And ika talking in HOH.. you never have to worry

Dillon i dont want you to beleive dumb shit. im not that type of person..

ika i know.. i told you we'll prove it to you

dillon i dont like them throwing me under the bus

ika that is what they do.. theya re saying theya re taking out the vets.. and im like it;'s not a vets/newbies thing.. it;s a people thing.. even now i dont see it like that if i did i wouldnt put them on the block

Ika they are trying to go thru me.. and they said he's a small town guy and a loyal guy and i said you broken that.. they said dillon and jackie are coming for me and im like let them come.. everyone is coming for us

dillon we are going to get jackie out and karen out and get william out

ika you dont have to tell me that im good cuz i know.. that's how much faith i have in your over them

7:51pm Feeds cut..
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