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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/21/17

Keivn helpo the kid small town alberta

ika i know that but you guys fucked him

bruno we will ahve the numbers next week.. and we'll put up whoever you want

ika let me go find him he left teh covno for water he doesnt want to have the convo..

bruno i will prove it

ika if they come for me i am scared of it.. i dont want to be the one who says do this . do this. and he fucks himself

bruno how?

ika you were coming after us last week

bruno dillon/karen will be on that block next week. if we ahve a chance we will prove it. i wish we did but we dont

ika i ahve to talk to him

bruno this is real talk

kevin help his game

demetres he's gone next week otherwise

ika i think that we have been doing good all along..

kevin there were a lot more people
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