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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 11/7/16

Alex me morgan cant do anything but if you can get in jason's ear

shelby we're still coming for whitney no mater what .. and we're still coming for justin .. and they are not coming for whitney so someone needs to come for whitney.. or she's going to be in the finale

alex i need you to go up there and freaking just preach it thats all we have to go on it may work may not work

4:55pm feeds 1/2

Shelby I need to bring out my inner lawyer or something and sell my fucking case right now OMG

Shelby bringing out her spirit lawyer.. " i am a lawyer"

Alex youa re a lawyer :

they dont know she really is one !

they giggle..

Shelby I OBJECT!!

Shelby i dont wnat to cry.. but if it doenst go our way im going to cry and im going to cry during the HOH .. and if one of you win HOH i'll be crying yes..
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