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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 11/7/16

danielle whitney wouldnt ahve the numbers to get any of us out she has no place to go

danielle we ahve been trying to get alex out so long.. and

jason that was their selling point.. that america nom'd her.. so she wont win at teh end.. and she said that they will promise us safety or take out danielle if i want ort keep her safe.. and i said that is non of my business'

danielle they knew that if i come down that their only chance is to flip on whitney

danielle i ahve to think about this .. and i know what my end game looks like and who i want to be sitting next to.. and how do i maneuver that..

jason i jsut want to follow thru on my plan

jason tells justin that they heard her say celebratory dinner.. and now they want her out

jason what they are selling that you dn kryssie are more loyal to whitney than she is to me.. and that was what monte was telling me a long time ago
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