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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 11/4/16

Whitney can you guys explain the rules to me.. i tried to listen but i didnt understand

kryssie it;'s best that you go up danielle cuz you have been there america's nome and then if the have nots is anything to go by then they ahve bigger fish to fry before me and justin.. and they cant put up shelby so they will put up one from their side

justin morgan or alex

kryssie thank you so much america

danielle they threw us a bone.. we appreciate the shit out of that.. now we hav eto use it to our advantage

kryssie you have to act pissed.. we dont want them to know that we did that

danielle yeah it will make sure that it looks like he is closer to you 2

kryssie you have to act bad.. cuz anytime anything ahs happened to you you ahve acted adversely

Danielle we ahve to make sure that im the one to come down so we can backdoor someone.. or else it will be 2 of us up ther next to whitney.. and then we're fucked.. so we need one of them up there to make it a tie.. if one of us is america 's nom
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