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Default Launch events and weekly schedule

September 26 10am PT/1pm ET: Cast reveal
September 27 noon PT/3pm ET: Voting for Jason or Jozea closes

September 28 1pm PT/10pm ET: Premiere, winner for 13th spot announced, and move-in Day 1

Weekly schedule - times are Pacific

Monday 1pm: Veto comp
Monday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap

Tuesday 1pm: Veto meeting
Tuesday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Tuesday 7.30pm: Live Diaries

Wednesday 7pm: Weekly recap
Wednesday Live Eviction immediately follows recap
Wednesday HOH comp follows Live Eviction show *times may vary

Thursday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Thursday various times: Julie QA with hamsters, and evictee interview

Friday 7pm: Weekly Replay daily recap
Friday 7.30pm: Live Diaries

Saturday 1pm: Have-not reveal
Saturday 7pm: Safety ceremony

Sunday 7pm: Final safety ceremony/nominations
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