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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/14/16

Nicole apparently tiffany is a target this week.

frank I dont want her out I want Davonne out

Frank james was saying this all girl thing

Nicole there is no all girl thing.. like the fact yo guys are saying it we may as well do it. i want them all out i get along better with teh boys

frank if that was the case paul woulda been gone

frrank james siad that outside

Nicole james said that right after th compo

frank yo think he would flip natalie?

frank why would james go again us

Nicole i dont know maybe it's 2 on 2 vets.. i dont talk game to james.. i don't talk game to anyone hardly

frank whats your read on paulie

nicole i dont think he;d put me up id be surprised he'd flip

frank if that's teh case it's me you corey paulie VTE tiffany

Nicole that makes sense.. but i hate this it happened to me before i was HOH and people flipped the votes and it was a DE night.. and I dont know
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