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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/14/16

paulie i dont liek that he';s going after the girls they are scared of him he';s a bully. we hav eto stay strong this week he's going to say alot of bullshit

pual the eis no wya i would give into those 2

paulie noticed that bridgette didnt feel comfortable

Corey that got serious real quick

paulie when she said the correct answer was true and congrats i was like fuck

paulie if nicole got it right with me i was going to give it to her hands down.. i dint want to say the wrong thing 4 times..

paul as long as yo beat frank i dont care

paul he would have put up davonne and made a deal with tiffany and i dont think that she would buy into it but she is just like her sister

davonne that is how this shit started.. and i was like what are you doing

paul i told you she's a loose canon

paulie she is like her sister to a T

Davonne me and james are like send her ass home.. like we know..

paulie frank is going to get her to his side

paulie im sending her ass home and im nt going to let her win in Veto and im going to let natalie go up next to her..
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