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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 7/14/16

Paulie it worked out..

Nicole it was close

Paulie to davonne.. he's already thee with davonne and you up .. but i'd prefer natalie gone.. you gotta know that if frank wins RK that youa re going up

Davonne yeah as long as it its him

paulie bridgette and frank will be pissed buyt it's my HOH

Davonne yeah

corey in
Paulie they are self imploding

Daovnne i shoulda let him talk

Paulie he said that he baited you..

Davonne i laughed

paulie he straight up lied to her face.. you know hat

corey yeah..

Paulie you good Dvonne

davonne yeah

paulie next week is someone elses week i cant compete and you gotta win it..

paulie i was not trying to win that but with frank left.. i was like i couldnt let him win..
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