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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/3/17

josh im fine with that i like that

paul they are playing themselves.. or maybe jason will beat them it dioesnt matter he will get ove it.. and especially at the ernd when they knwo we all played them they will get over it.. we cant fuck it up.. ok?

paul and then we're done..

paul and josh bro hug and dance

josh i dont know why i feel taht if she wins im going up and i dont trust raven/kevin

paul no way.. i will tell her if she wins not to put you up.. she wont get to the end..

josh alex and jason already linked us already with me sleeping up in hoh with xmas

paul jason is already gone she doesnt fear you guys she thinks that you guys cant win.. and why would i get rid of someone who i can beat.. i win next week and then the next week i cant compete.. she can even put me up next to either raven or kevin as long as it's not 2 of us

josh so alex raven then kevin

paul yes.. look kevin has no one to talk to now.. look.. he will jsut look down.. i told you i knew hat i was doing but you talked too much.. i told you to shut the fuck up..
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