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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/3/17

xmas the only way we fuck up if we are not on the same page.. i gave him all the alove stuff and i said are you ready to snbap out of it . i dont think there's been a trio like us in the hostory of BB

pauyl that slayed it

xms where we ahve people doing whatever the fuck we tell them to do. including throwing a comp to a girl with a broken foot.

p[aul we ae all relying on each other, sure i can plant seeds but if you guys dont have my back and visa versa.. you knw what i mean

xms yeah..

paul we are all using each other to get far

xmas i said that to him w/out the 3 of us it will be an entirely different game..

paul it's fucking dope

xmas im so excitred

paul its rare taht al 3 to get there like each other..

paul i had a panic attack last night. it happened once before when i first came in.. but last night it freaked me out.
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