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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 8/15/16

paulie im not going to try and salvage things for people that i betrayed and im not looking to win that would potentially help my aunt out IF she is still alive by the time i get out. the next closest thing that would make her pruoud of me is honoring her .. that she'd be able to say she was proud of me one more time cues fakes tears

paulie ahh i didnt want to cry i was in a good space.. im open for the taking.. and jsut want this time here and not the jury house. and it's waht everyone is looking for their game.. if you are looking for strategy or personally.. it's like a free game piece

pualie.. does anyone want to go against what the HOH wants

natalie i want out who's bad for my game..

paulie is it not about what the house wants or the hoh wants

natalie it's that im not a threat to victors games

paulie that questions wasn't that .. it was if i was the HOH target.

natalie im voting out who's bad for my game.. and fishies..

paul is laying right there and is making yawning noises lol
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