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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/17/17

back post 12:28am feeds 3/4 Xmas talks to the camera's

Xmas long sigh.. how many days left!! WTF this is the worst than having a whole bunch of people in the house.. i dont know what theya re thinking about F2 and one of them get a spot.. and i do not.. I FAILED! I sucked at that comp! I was just so...... I dont know if i jsut underestimated the comp? i dont know i tried my best.. and im frustrated cuz my best was not nearly enough.. and im not use to failing show short.. i will learn a lesson here.. and i will understand.

12:31 Josh comes out and interrupts her talk

Josh leaves

paul asks is she gased

12:33 i dont know how i can be so happy about something and be so broken hearted at the same time.

Xmas i came in with a broken heart and im leaving with a broken heart.. i know im having a pity party but it's deserved.. i have a broken foot.. and it still hurts!

12:34 Xmas i dont know if i can talk to them separately and tell them to bring the other person to F2 and take 3rd.. TAKE A KNEE.

i dont know if anyone would have stayed with a broken foot.. i dont know if that makes me exceptional or the girl that got carried through because she has a broken foot ?

Im jsut having a hard time deciphering that right now especially with that last performance

for the 1st time in a very long time im a little freaked out in a long time i dont know what will happen outside of her.. my business , me and these friendships, my heart.

Josh outside so solo chat to us ends

End back post 12:36am
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