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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/19

Christie to cliff: I want to win the power but if it's fish im terrified.

cliff: im trying to play this game and trying to figure out who to play with and land with.

christie: im scared cuz the whole Jack thing. i dont want a target on me.

Cliff: the people ive been trying to work with one is out of the house and one is in hot water about that vote

Christie: ive been saying it wasnt her. and I think there jess is going to be on the block.. and i love Kat but god forgive me she is not going to thrive in this game.

Cliff: Im not an emotional players but im making an emotional plea: please dont send me home before Kat. She is here for other reasons. Im here cuz i love the game.

christie laughs

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