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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 7/12/19

Cliff" it wasnt me on the rogue vote.. I told Nicole to not do it. and my 1st thought was Kat" I just assume it was someone to cause chaos.. It wouldn't surprise me if it was Bella. Im worried about Nicole. people are looking at her. Im in an alliance with 1 person in CC and then nicole. Last year Alliance Foute was the worst in BB history but Im worried about Nicole.

Nicole should have distanced herself from Kemi and not said anything. but she is playing her game and im playing mine. I think im going on the block it's a possibility. I tried to get close to Nick for camp director day 1. And he's toild me before that he wasnt putting me up but that was before he was HOH. Bella told me she can get me to jury but id have to go up as a pawn before we get there. i dont trust bella she will throw anyone under the bus for her to get where she's gotta go.

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