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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/25/17

raven should we talk to paul?

matt yeah

paul kevin darted upstairs.. alex said that she is going to fuck with kevin.. they like fucking with him..

raven will it be us

paul i think it might be pplus josh.. but i wouldn't freak out

raven he will have the whole house agsint him and he cant compete next week

paul yeah

paul i was fishing.. and we were like why.. jason has the tendencies to be sporadic but alex keeps him grounded

matt i think that once that mark gave his speech they said alright they will give him those votes

raven they knew that xmas would send him home on a tie

paul that's ballsy

matt no one said a word to me especially where i volunteered to go up.

paul i dont think it was to freak you out.. the only person freaking out was kevin..

raven last night kevin was sucking us off in the bathroom
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