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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/19/18

Ryan gingers dont have souls and if anyone tells you so theya re lying.. we do get a freckle for everyone one we steal though..

ryan i dont knwo if you feel you need to check in and scramble..

johnny no i dont

ryan i get eth feel that everyone has ben lying to my face all weeek

johnny no

ryan if they ahve been then that's all scare tactic on yor so that you go running on deals and im hoping you didn't dish out or deals that you cant live with or deals that you aren't with fuck you..

Ryan i got brought into the hoh that got told johnny is telling me how grateful he is to stay but i said that i wouldn't put you up but there is no way im not putting kaela up.. so if you are here and i said that id be curious on how his game would be with kaela gone.. and if that got me out then so be it i am in no way going to suck on that guys dick.. and i mean that in a pejorative way and not a pleasure way..

BB remember candia is watching
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