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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/19/18

paras and don't be disturbed by my period underwear in there

maddy i think that liv/kaela are less likely to work together.. and derek stay ali strya if kaela stay liv stays

paras yeah

maddy i'd rather go with not stupid then the mouth and ryan threatened me.. when i was telling him that he didnt ahve my vote.. did you tell him

paras i havnet told him yet..

maddy you guys talked for an hour last night that was a long time..

paras i dont like the way kaela has been looking at me

maddy kaela has to go..

paras unless akela doesnt like either i=of us..

maddy i dont trust her for a second.. she told johnny that derek kaela organized the flip.. no biotch. NO

maddy if i get this triple anad i win no bedroom talks. im going to fold my arms and we are not doing that today if you think it's you speak up.. im not doing this anymore. im not doing this.. ther are 3 people that know who it isnt.. and i know who im saying

paras that's your moment

maddy it's about this game is different mother fuckers..
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