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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/24/17

Kevin so you told Dre?

William, yes.. but i dont want no one else to know taht..

kevin yeah it would make you a target

Keivn how long did you ahve it for

william one week, i found it in the garbage.. and then i ahd to find clue.. and it was a big robot.. and it came put like poof..

William i pushed this part. and then the wall fell down

kevin werre you freaking out

William then the robot arm came out.. and then i ahd to go to the black hole

kevin what's the black hole

William in the forbidden zone

kevin the forbidden zone where's that? im so jealous

William at the door there.. and then i had to crawl around

william so karen did see me i ahd to look with the camera and i saw her and then i had to try and she asked what i was doing..

Demetres in kitchen william and kevin split up
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