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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday 11/17/16

Thank you for visiting Hamsterwatch Forum!

There's 2 weeks left for BBOTT and I will continue updating the live feeds and events when possible.

Due to ISP limitations I have to be careful to not go over so I wont have overage charges

This series of BB has taken an incredible amount of bandwidth due to no blockage by CBS.

This is great for all of us but bad for me being on a fixed income.

If you do not have the time to watch #BBOTT on your own and come here for your updates, please consider donating to my hard work.

Here's how:

To leave a "donation/tip" go to paypal, select send money from the tabs on top, then select friends/family then input my email addy UgotBronx @ gmail . com
please remove the spaces or else I will not get it

*You do not need a PayPal account to send money just the email address*

Whatever it is that you give I greatly appreciate it!

Thank You


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