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Default Re: Live Feed updates Tuesday 9/19/17

josh we are all tired and anxious.. i fucked up the rice.. im trying to figure out how to put my whole game together in a minute and 30 seconds.. i hope i win.. it will change my life.. it will change all our lives..

josh paul is kinda scaring me cuz he's anxious.. he had his crew all season and im like wtf

josh im going with paul to the end.. and yeah he's a vet and played a great game.. non one wants to see a vet win raven doesnt matt doesnt jason doenst alex doesnt xmas doesnt i jsut need 5 votes..

josh i've been playing since day one.. it was me not camaron that woulda been gone.. i was on my toes the whole time.. i think i played a decent game it was a hurricane but i think i could plead my case.. it comes down to who's more liked by jury.. i think if i was next to jury.. she 'll ahve cody mark elena's vote.. so i ahve to go again paul with paul the most hated.. and played it safe but aggressive.. he hasn't made any more.. and laid under the radar.. i guess it was smart.. but i dont know wht move he made.. me taking out alex.. jessica was big. me putting mark as a target.. was big.. us making like i was taking out kevin and instead the target was jason.. i dont know if i should say that.. putting targets on peoples backs since day one calling out people who were playing shady games.. elena mark they were all on the block i didn't care who was going that week. luckily it was jessica..

people didn't know how to zone me out this season.. hiding.. people didnt know how well i knew the game. and tying in paul and xmas with jason and alex..

BB is zooming on josh's food on teh stove bubbling..
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