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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 11/30/16

Morgan after 64 days in the BB house. it's come down to this america is currently voting.. we will step in the front in the order we won our place jason kryssie then me


thank you for voting for me in the house.. i came in with a massive target.. i ahd to win the veto.. and moving on i created an allaince with alex and scott.. i was proactive.. i didnt let anyone do it for me. when danielle came into power. i was able to persuade her back and forth quuiet a few times to change her target.. really to the target that would most benifit my long term game . now when you america gave me my co - hoh package i knew i had to hijack that week from shelby and i had to get out a stratigist like alex.. so i concoccted a plan to make danielle a bigger target and get her out and it work.. and i ahd to win my finbal HOh to get myself here.

now kryssie has made smart strategic moves in this game but would she have been able to do so if she didnt have me or danielle winning the comps to give her that chance and she did not intermingle with the other alliance really till the tail end of the game

morgan came in here as a twist that means she had more information than anyone else in this game but really never made any power house game changing moves

I am a big brother historian slash super fan.. i have been in these bb streets for decades studying the history fundamentals and the science of this game. i ahve had the steepest road to the top that included quitting smoking and a bruised rib! but i was able to persevere with my skills in lying and persuasion but also maintaining being myself and having fun

I hope you respect this supermarket basement dweller's game and grant me the honor of being the 1st BBOTT winner .. thank you
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