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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 8/20/2020

What to know

Late last night Nicole A had a meeting with Janelle,Kaysar, Bayleigh, Christmas,Kevin and Day. Kaysar was trying hard to explain why Nicole should stay in the house.

janelle added memphis will keep NicA in a tie

However Danielle happened to walk by the love room and stood by the door listening to the conversation. Bayleigh and Davonne said no promises but they will let her know today but no way are they going to keep NicA over David at this point in their game.

Dani went back and told The Closers(minus memphis) that they were in the room and scheming to keep NicA. Afterwards, Bayleigh went to the back room and told them they asked her to keep Nicole A and even though she said yes. she has no intentions of keeping her. This keeps her off THe Closers radar for the time being because she is not caught up with Janelle/Kaysar.

Janelle and Kaysar need to win HOH in order to be safe.

Tyler, Cody,Enzo, Memphis, Nicole F, Dani and Nicole A( if she stays) all have the safety suite card to play.

Feeds will be on and off today. Im not sure if we will see them right up to the last minute or production will cut us from seeing the last minute scramble if any.
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