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Default Re: Live Eviction Show Thursday 7/12/18

HOH Product launch

Watch 2 videos, answer questions on what you said. true or False. Wrong and you are eliminated. 7 questions. tiebreak if there is a tie

1) one of the color options was strawberry : answer False

kaycee out

2) Photo from 1979 was in black and white Answer False 1999

tyler bayleigh haleigh winston brett angela JC

3) Cry phone starting at 699 Answer true Sam out

Rachel Fessy Angie Scottie left

4) fear bud available in french False

all correct

5) Pineapple CEO was wearing a watch

true Angie out

6) CEO claimed the life pad can warn yo of backdoors False

Fessy is out

Rachel And scottie left

7) 99 gigabyte live pad cost 1299.00 False

both correct

tie breaker

In seconds how long was the microchip mayhem was from start to the final dot placed in bayleigh's tube

Scottie 1199 Rachel 12500

475 seconds

Scottie wins HOH
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