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Default Re: Live Eviction Battle Back Show 8/29/18

keep me plea's

Fessy: hi mom dad .. shoutouts.. as far as this beautiful woman.. i love you.. 1st time i saw how spoonfed you were is when you said you drive a range rover and wear a fake engagement ring to the grocery store. Just relax, i promise you are not all that. I never lied to you guys when i was hoh . She came up to the room and told me to put you up Sam as the replacement nom cuz all you do is complain and that we should send you home. She told me that she was putting you up this week. obviously she didnt . I asked what if tyler and Brett won the veto what would they do and she said don't worry about brett i can threaten him into doing whatever i want and you already seen what i made tyler do with the veto. I haven't lied to you guys since i been here i dont want you all to go out like that your families are watching this. She is acting like she got you'z by leashes. so straight like that. that's all i got.

haleigh: im grateful to meet and get to know you. im not ready to leave and i hope you dont want to see me leave. you have taught me to be more loving and caring.. im eternally grateful
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