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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/10/17

Alex i think if she wins anything she is going to take josh

paul i aksed her why did she vote out raven.. and josh said in the SR he wanted keivn out and he said he did that to protect his gsame.. so he fucked me and made me do the diryt work that and i dont know what he sid in the GB message

paul so i wasnt trying to fuck you.. i didnt want to stick out like a sore thumb..

alex theya re all coming for you next.. im checking out i dont feel bad anymore and i will talk to jason but chose wisely

paul no more sob story but i am sorry i let you down

paul you think that my best avenue is with josh?

alex that could be tricky.. even cody said that you were doing this

paul how was he saying that like what week 1/

ale when he was leaving..

alex if you take kevin jason wont vote for him.. jason will vote with me im almost 100% positive.

paul i didnt vote jason out though

alex that fact that him and me are out he will think that.. that he will think that you andf xmas were always trying to get me and him out..

alex iof you bring josh cody might vote for josh and mark might vote for josh.. xmas will ahve matt and raven votes.. and i dont know she did blow up on raven last minute.. and they did vote out jason cuz that was something that was planned.. and elena i can probably get her to vote for you..

alex im going to tell them that the hoh was you orchestrating it..
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