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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/9/17

Jedit training in apple room (paul might be giving him the wrong dates not sure )

kevin in his bunk

Xmas if i start this

josh you fisnih it

paul you need to do thsat

xmas he will be bright red.. what i ahve to say will strike a nerve with him.. then you come in.. does that make sense.. he wont be able to retaliate.. and he will be boiling inside.. and then you say something.. we didn't even try last time.. im going to call him OLD MAN PERVERT

paul we can do this guys we are almost there

xms he wont be able to think striaght

paul this is what we wanted fool and we got it no skipping out now

Xmas his ego will shatter when i stay over him

josh laughs..

xmas why are you laughing

josh who am i working with

paul you want to be the one to send him home

Xmas if i get to say something i want to be up there with him..
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