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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Wednesday 8/30/17

Keivn checking back in with jason

kevin what did i do to matt/raven that im the badguy.. they thought i was going up

jason i think it's tej violence things..

kevin she hits him all the time..

jason he is trying to keep her here

kevin she's so embarrassing.. raven with teh MATHEEEEEWWWWW

kevin what did alex say

joasn it's fine..

kevin i just said puppet master

kevin is she going to put me up?

jason she has to win 1st

kevin me and raven?

jason yeah..

kevin that;s fine it will make me look good. you aint voting me out right? not you or paul right?

jason no

Kevin you didnt come in.. to see me

kevin what? you cant come in now

jason fuck no i can come in.. you know what im going down right now..
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