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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/9/19

3:03 pm NNY feeds return

Jackson Christie Analyse played in the Field trip comp

Jackson won safety/immunity for the week

Analyse got a punishment outfit to wear for the week including sleeping in it

Christie is on the block (she lost in the face off from the field trip)

NIck we watched the whole 2 hours of us. they wont understand how we were falling that was amazing you guys

Christiie it was so hard

Cliff it looked hard

Analyse I literally tried

tommy that fight was about christie and jacksoin and me and jack. so im glad you didnt

sis I realized she wasn't going to win .. i had to make it look like i was trying.. if you get HG choice will you choose me?

Tommy yeah

Christie up in hoh.. It sucks. im so scared.. i thought i got it..

Nick pick me

christie you will use it on me?

Analyse: pick me i'll use it..

Nick you are not going homer..

analyse: you did good.

Christie: holly and jackson are going to blow me up. i voted to evict jackson

zSis only 2 people are going to get picked

Nick if im in it no one will win it

christie: im going to lket it go and lay down,

Nick I knew when he won you were kinda sick

Tommy im happy for him. i just want people to know that this changes things

Sis and Christie leave

Nick i love you I want to work with you..

tommy I want Cliff and Kat up with KAT as the target

Nick OK.

Tommy i know you were working with them

Nick no i have no alliance. just a working relationship with them i never told Kat about the 6.

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