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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 8/9/19

We've made it through the halfway point!

Thank you for visiting Hamsterwatch Forum!

**I'm sorry I am going through a medical condition where some days I will not be able to update.

I will always try my best to update what I missed when I can.**

Getting your LIVE FEEDS here at Hamsterwatch Forum will help keep me updating all summer! Click HERE to sign up!

Adblocker must be turned off to sign up

As the season goes on if you appreciate the updates and want to show your gratitude you may do so by "donating/tipping" the updater aka ME!

How to donate Go to paypal, select "send to friends/family" and put in my email addy Ugotbronx @ Gmail .com (remove the spaces )

Thank you to those of you who have ALWAYS donated and showed your support! It's greatly appreciated!
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