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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/30/18

maddy whoever of us stays will win this game.

paras if you go to jury promise me to tell me your game plan

maddy i have been practicing my speech for 5 years..

paras if i make it to 2 i cant have you there

maddy im going to say something when i leave and it wont be agsint you

Paras there is one people in the house i didnt want to betray and that is why i was balling the other day that you did it.. i cant do it..

paras if i go to the jury you tell me everything AND I WILL tell the jury

maddy if you leave me you tell me everyhhign

paras jsut dont fuck me

paras if you leave yuou need to tell me everything

paras promise we wont fuck each other

maddy promise.. same promise we made on the 1st night

paraa ok.
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