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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/22/18

JC: i wanted to talk to you

Bay: i was trying to speak and you were doing this to me.. and it drives me crazy that i couldnt speak.. i know that there is a language barrier.. and i would never use that M word

JC:' im sorry i never said that word to hurt you.

bay: when i was young i had things spray painted go back from where you came from

JC: that term is derogatory for gay people and for black people the N word.. and the way im being so crud about it. im trying to be straight as possible.. i dint get offended and i didnt stop yo

bay: the eis no way you would have stopped me.. you used the word.. you didnt have to use it

JC; im am trying to explain and you are right now saying teh word faggot and im not offended im letting you keep talking

bay i said it cuz you said it.. put yourself in my place.. and im a woman of color and im not going to let someone talk to me like that.. and if someone tells you about something and that it's wrong.. it's ok.. accept that it;s wrong..

JC: at that moment you fucking know that you hate yourself.. and i hated myself so much

Bay: i understand. i worked hard to be who i am.. i have to be reminded every single day.. that triggered something in me and im not going to let anyone talk to me like that and take that away.. i finally feel comfortable in my skin

JHC: I wanted to make sure we cleared things up and and not go to sleep with this..

bay: come give me a hug you tasmanian devil

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