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Default Re: Aired Show Sunday 7/22/18

bayleigh and JC segment

JC; Im 5'

bay: i thought in order to be consider short. you need to be 4'11 or smaller

JC: lkike a dwarf?

bay: is there a difference between dwarf and a midget person

JC: dwarf is to midget and black is to nigger

bay: dont say that

JC: DR saying the M word is

bay: JC saying the N word.. it was a term that was used to degrade poeple

JC: no? i cant say that? i ws trying to describe.. i was just trying to explain something..

bay: when you said it as a statement and it was hurtful towards me. i said it as a question.

JC: im allowed to feel that way and you are too.. i answered you the question and i gave you examples.. i cant explain it to you cuz my brain is going to explode

bay leaves the HOH

JC: DR Im short. im gay and im hispanic.. i know a thing or 2 about being discriminated.. and aas a child i was called words.. this is my chance to educate people
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