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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 10/10/16

jason monte is done.. america will vote him out.. but im down if she puts scott up then i would vote scott out..

shane but we want monte out..

danielle if we can make a deal to get alex to put scott up and vote him out. and monte will be here next week.. he can't play in veto next week so we nominate him

shane we ahve to see if she will keep the deal and put up scott.. and late night has to make sure that we vote out monte.. and we ahve to get neeley to see game wise to get out monte..

danielle she wont vote me out cuz we have this weird black woman power like she wants to see me go far and i want to see her go far and regardless about teh block girl power she needs to see game wise this is better

jason if we cant get alex to put up scott she will put up justin

shane we have to ge scott up.. or whiteny to vote with us depening who goes up

jason yeah we cant say anything..

danielle so we'll say put up scott and then if she doesnt put him up we'll say this is your time for redemption..
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