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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Saturday 4/28/18

paras and maddy plotting on what to say to kaela

paras did you notice that he is so much more into her nwo that he is in power

maddy you should say that

paras what worries me is if it backfires. and she tells derek

paaraas maybe she'll put up will

Maddy yeah even if she doesnt wnat to put up derek then she might put up will

paras i think work on getting derek up Will's so easy to beat..

maddy derek's not going to let us talk to her alone

apras she asked me if maddy won hoh would they put us up.. and i said (paras stutters) I was vague about it. and i said i dont think so but why wouldn't she

maddy will was solid..

paras he was trying to back track.. he threatened me.. he said that the F4 deal wouldn't be on anymore.. he's saying that if i didnt drop the deal would be off. i cant explain it.. but he was back tracking

maddy he picked derek . and derek picked him

paras hammer into kaela's head that dreek plays this week and we tell her that if she doesnt take him out that he will take her out in f3..

maddy im going to tell her that i would take her in F3/2 but i wouldnt.. im taking you.. but you can beleive

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