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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

johnny what was the 86 thing?

maddy it was different than what it actually was.. when kaela and derek wee hoh.. we jsut said that we didnt have anyone.. and i jsut ahd a convo with her.. and i went to kaela after ryan did when she was hoh. and i went to derek in the pantry and is said it wasnt true anad i dont know how paras got brought into ti and paras was saying it wasnt true and i think that paras backing me up and being associated.. that we were alone together and that was what paras was along with us.. and when this came up i told paras i was going to tell johnny aobut the whole 86 and that it as nothing.. and that kaela did have eth biggest move of the season getting erica out.. and that's all that was..

johnny and she had an alliance with erica

maddy yeah that's wacky.. and the fact that derek didnt nominate either of us i was like yeah i guess so.. and we referred to paras as part of it but she wasn't actually in the room and we were getting played.. and i didnt realize paras wasn't really part of it.. it was like i didnt nominate you guys so you have to listen to me.. and i was like i dont like ryan and this is how i feel and they weer saying that power doesnt matter and that i was running to power to paras.. and that wasn't true.. and then when they talked you can't say well no.. and they are saying the same with you.. they' re saying that you were the target.. and it wasn't like we were like fuck yeah,..

johnny that is what theya re doing with me..

maddy ive been vocal that i wanted ali/liv out of the game..
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