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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

Will they trashed talked us

paras really trashed talked me

will if you won HOh who would ahve you put on slop

paras not you and maddy.. maybe derek and johnny. i dont think i would've done the girls cuz the girls were just with me..

Will i woulda put kaela and derek on cuz it makes them weak..

Will we were being nice on the couches there and then they go back in there and trash us.. liek if you ahve anything to say say it to my face

paras i cant be fake anymore.

will i hope johnny keeps his word if one comes down ali goes up

paras i hope so too

Will i dont think he will put you or me up he gave his word

paras you think he will keep his word?

Will yeah you dont make a deal like that in a comp and then go back on it
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