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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/20/18

What to know

Johnny is trying to get Kaela/Derek vs Ali/Liv to go after each other and in the meantime he's scooping up all the plans anad information of all the weeks in the past.

As of right now Johnny is most honest with Maddy and Paras and somewhat Will. He can go with either group of 4 if he chose to but the Maddy/Paras/Will to him are easier to beat not only in comps but when it comes time for Jury

Kaela and Derek were in the hot seat with Johnny since he considers THEY BOTH put him up. But it was really Derek's HOH and Kaela will gert bunched in that since they are a showmance and a dou.

Johnny would prefer that Derek leave since Derek is calm, has good social skills, can win comps.

Ali and Liv are also caught in the middle and have trold both Paras and Will and Kaela and Derek to have their backs and visa versa. Even though each group went along and said yes they still opened up to Johnny about some of the information they had on each other

Johnny's biggest concern was that for 2 weeks he wanted to know who was saying his name to go on the block.

Johnny could any reasoning he wanted to put anyone in that house on the block but he's going with that reason to the HG's . His real reason is that he needs to get Derek out because Derek is the only one that has shown he can beat Johnny 2 times in a row.
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