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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/13/18

Will you think he will put up liv/ali?

Johnny i dont know

derek and ryan on feeds 3/4 still

ryan eerica is gone and that is crazy.. and i said that i did

derek and that is more credible than what johnny did.. and kaela knew that..

ryan to me i owed erica a vote.. cuz all along she said if it's a tie im staying.. so i was able to stay.. and i wasnt upset that i wold be on the wrong side of it and i knew that kaela wouldnt put erica up if she didnt ahve the votes and she didnt even talk to me about the vote .. I've been the guy that locks shit down.. and if yo're looking at me as a potential ally and maybe if there are other threats taht are out there that maybe you nominate them

derek yeah i dont want to reply on a triple.
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