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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Friday 4/13/18

Ali what if you isolate johnny.. put him up next to will. and if johnny comes off you put ryan up.. instead of johnny comes off and then who do you put up? it's all that again..

derek yeah

Ali johnny said hat he doesnt care who goes .. he said anyone but Will. so it was erica then Will.. so then you seperate them

derek both good options

ali i think tht is even a better move. it's dramatic.. and it forces them to be at getreater oddds.. johnny will work Will and say you gotta use the veto and save him

derek does will feel that strong. to do that. i need to talk to will again after i talked to johnny

Ali johnny is

will's best bet cuz johnny can win compos. even if he doesnt trust the guy

derek that is true

ali you do you

derek i ahve to see where Will is at and if he will get pissed at me..

ali it's just a suggestion..

derek i need to know what it looks like from the outside too.
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