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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

Will how do you feel

Johnny Im already so sick of sucking up

johnny youa re the only think i have in the house

w ill ali came to me and asked if johnny was saying that i voted you out

johnny i never siad that.. whatever i can go agsitn the house i dont give a fuck

will they will put up ryan

johnny i dont think so but whatever

will you didnt know erica was going up did you>

johnny no!!

Will who knows what is going to happen

johnny they want me out .. they';ll put me up.. i can tell from that conversation.. i can tell even last week kaela was just feeding me bullshit.. and this is the result of that

will i think they want ryan out 100%

johnny im not going to go gaming all over the place

will no yo dont want to go kissing ass .. dont give them that .. you were blindsided.. it was one of my best friends in the house. i was caught off guard

johnny it doesnt make a difference will

Will im betting ryan will be up besides you
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