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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

Johnny do you guys feel uncomforatble around me?

kaela why?

johnny cuz erica went home and im emotional

kaela i think everyone was emotional..

johnny i feel that all eyes are on me..

kaela you told everyone to fuck yourselves.. when she left.. we know that you voted her to stay

johnny no i didnt.. i swear.. i guess it's like the veronica thing.. i get it .. ali adn liv would vote together.. and maddy and paras wouldn't vote agsint will and derek wouldn't..

akela i know it was you. the fact you did that

johnny i felt set up.. that everyone was telling you what to do.. and you were telling me that peole were saying my name and they most likely were saying mne and erica's name. like i shouldn't say anything. that was my worst fucking night mare

johnny if i felt alone last week i feel alone alone.. on a personal level.. on a game level no

akela i know you ahve maddy and will theya re super close to you.. that is why i didnt know where you were on erica's side.. i dint know if it was a working thing or personal thing.. i put them as a 3 and not a 4.. like maddy and them

johnny my game strategy being good with people doesnt work. and i guarantee that everyone will say my name up there.. i feel alone.. like ryan alone..
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