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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

Johnny at least erica got to play in veto.. V didnt that was a true back door

Will you just cant win a comp

Ali i can not.. it's starting to freak me out

Ali how did i not guess that merron was out 1st before hamza. of course he was

will you were doing good

ali i was .. i was in my head i thought i was going to make it to tie breaker.. and then idiot

Will when they said how many times they spun around with the rope it was ??

Ali 117

Johnny guessed 63

Will there was a lot of rope

Ali to sit there and count and watch the tape

will i know

ali this game is crazy

will this is probably one of the most exciting season.

ali this season is lit.. at least it feel like that for me.

johnny yeah right.
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