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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Thursday Eviction Day 4/12/18

Kaela i will confront johnny when you guys are wrong

Liv we could hid in a room

Ali i asked him when i was packing up erica's stuff and he said it wasnt me

Liv that's like us 2 in a room and i fart and said it wasnt me.. of course it was him..

kaela i gave the explanation on why you guys weren't on teh block

Ali will was there and i said that i had to do what i ahd to for my game

Liv it's sad to see her go

kaela for sure.. i love erica and i woulda had her back till i found out that she didnt

liv johnny and erica were teaming up on me saying i had to put up you guys before the triple that that logic makes no sense

kaela he said the same thing to me aobut you guys

liv that's why the decision was easy for me. i am not going to be pushed into everything.. im not going to be strong armed into thing.. she inscinuated taht she is a comp beast and i cant go agsint her

kaela all i did was put her up i asked you if you would vote her out and that was it..

Liv they said taht i was irritating cuz i wasnt responding.. they told ali that.. who do they think i am

Liv ok you guys enjoy your night

Liv leaves
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