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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 4/9/18

Liv yeah so if derek myself and ali hopefully get hoh next week

akela yeah

liv tht's the only 100% i feel

Liv i feel good with eica but she doesnt give indicators..

akela you thik she would

liv i dont think she would but i think she wants ali or i to take the show.. and
johnny's been saying it too and i dont want to take it that;'s not good for my game.. and after what you sadi about johnny and erica .. im like differnt.. and he keeeps defelcting..

kaela why would he say that unless he wants me to put them on the bloxck

liv he wants one of us gone to make it easier

kaela yeah no.. i dont want that.. but johnny wants that..

liv i love erica but i cant have her and johnny in top 6. i can only ahve one

akela yeah the same.. and if we are f2 with either of them they will win and beat either of us

liv paras/maddy next week adn if someone comes down there is an option

kaela if johnny and erica arse playing in teh triple they have a good shot to win it and they are talking a shot

kaela all this thing about talking about us it doesnt matter it was they said it..
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