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Default Re: Live Feed Updates Monday 11/7/16

jaosn.. you see you 3 are like a school of fish.. and i cant get in with you guys.. i will never be in teh fold

shelby and whitney get shte care package she wont use it on you

jason no.. she will use it that works for her..

jason and those are a tight 3.. and i wont get into thoat fold either justin kryssie whitney..

jason if i make my decision.. i'll look like a traitor to them..

shelby but you are getting out whitney,..

jason yeah but they will go after me not you guys next

shelby if she stays and wins HOH she's gunning after you

jason i will find your girls later and hash it notu. its like teh scales of justice and i need to figure out what is the smartest thing to do
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